For 25 years AAM v. Voort & Zn. from Honselersdijk has bought his young plants from Globe Plant. Maybe it's because the founders of the two companies have the same initials?

John v.d. Voort and Johan Grootscholten got to know each other on the management board of "Jongeren LTB Westland", which Vera Grootscholten later also joined. Working on the board together went so well they decided to enter into a business cooperation. Founders Albert Grootscholten & Ton v.d. Voort made their first joint sale in 1993.

The plants were transported from the Harteveldlaan to the Bospolder in Honselersdijk. Every week Van der Voort came by together with his sons John and Patrick to look at the plants. Even after the move, dad often came along with John and Patrick.

Van der Voort has always remained a real family business. Johan Grootscholten says that in the beginning they would plant on different days, so they could plant their plants with their own family. Later this changed, because now everyone wants the plants in the greenhouse as soon as possible in order to avoid uneven growth.

Over the years many different varieties have been cultivated, but red bell peppers were preferred. "They regularly switch the variety, always at the request of their customers. It remains a challenge for the plant grower to cultivate a beautiful plant with unfamiliar characteristics. Together with John or Patrick we would then discuss the growth of the plant in order to get the results we wanted on time."

Johan Grootscholten is happy with a customer like v.d. Voort: "They are critical, but mostly think along the same lines. Fortunately, Van der Voort always remained our client, even after we moved to Vierpolders. In recent years, John has taken over and he remained loyal to us."

The breeder felt that it was worth celebrating 25 years of plants from Globe Plant with cake. "We're going to work together for another 25 years, and it's nice and also special that we have been their main supplier for so long."

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