“Growing in vertical farms differs from greenhouse growing a lot. This is why new growing recipes and guidance needs to be offered together with the equipment." Speaking is Niko Kivioja, CEO with Netled Oy. The company develops and sells turn-key fully automatic vertical farms and has just opened a new demo facility in the company's premises in Pirkkala. 

"The demo facility serves R&D purposes, but also works for variety testing in order to find and develop most suitable varieties for vertical farming", Niko explains. 

Furthermore, the demo facility enables Netled to accurately define the optimal growing environment setups in their Vera® vertical farm system for different varieties. The company has started the variety tests in the demo facility, which works as a platform for their recipe development.

"As a result, we can offer our customers fully tested and verified growing recipes, which enables them to take new varieties in their growing process without investing time and money in their own separate testing procedures." 

At the moment the first crops are harvested. The demo facility is not open to the public, but customers are invited to presentations regularly and of course we will keep you updated on that!

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