The first phase of a new greenhouse complex of 7.5 ha opened December 11, 2018 in the village Alshanskie vyselky. The agricultural company Kumir invested 23 million euros in the project. The greenhouses will begin with growing cucumbers and tomatoes.

The capacity of three greenhouse complexes, two of which will be opened in the Orel district in the coming three months, will suffice for full provision of the region with locally grown produce in 2019 and enter the neighboring regions’ markets.

“We have set a target to open the complex in the Bolkhovsky region until the end of the year, now we are in the process of receiving the required documentation and its inspection. The opening of the greenhouses in Novosila is planned for the beginning of the next year. We could say that together with the greenhouses that we opened today, the produce of the three complexes will meet the demand in greenhouse vegetables of the whole Orel region and will enter the neighboring markets. The first phases of the three enterprises will cover 20 ha, the second phases will increase the acreage of each complex to 40 ha”, noted the governor of the region, Mr. Andrey Klychkov.

After JSC Yubileynoe went bankrupt in 2013, there were no vegetable growers in the area, supplying produce to internal and external markets.

The head of the region has remarked that apart from the tomatoes and cucumbers at a later stage it is planned to grow bell peppers in Orel greenhouses. He also noted that in the hiring process priority should be given to local residents.