Three large greenhouses “the size of football fields” will be built at Towrang, upsetting rural residents concerned about visual and other impacts.

But the applicant, Ace Chan and his company, Thousand Sunny, are pleased with the planning approval for their vegetable growing venture.

The project involves construction of three 5000 square metre igloo-shaped greenhouses at the Towrang Road property. Three 110,000 litre rainwater tanks, a large evaporative pond, landscaping, driveway and associated works will also be installed.

Mr Chan intends to grow tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, chillies and zucchini, among other vegetables for the Sydney markets, supermarkets and Goulburn. The plants will be grown in large degradable coconut-fibre bags suspended from the greenhouse ceilings.

While Mr Chan is thrilled with the prospect, residents are less so. The plan drew four objections, three of whom spoke during Tuesday’s open forum.

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