Van Amelsvoort Kassenbouw, specialized in the construction of greenhouses and business premises primarily in Belgium and the Netherlands, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. This was celebrated extensively on Friday 30 November.

In 1958, Kees van Amelsvoort, after working for some years in the Westland, started his own company in Raamsdonk (Noord Brabant). In 1984, the current owner Frank van Amelsvoort took over from him and he further expanded the business.

150 hectares
Nowadays, one can go to van Amelsvoort for projects of all sizes: from complex smaller constructions such as a 3,000 m2 for flower bulb cultivation to projects of more than 10 hectares. Over the past two years, the total is at more than 150 hectares of greenhouses built in the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, in this jubilee year, a 20 hectares strawberry greenhouse was built for Dutch Berries in the Bommelerwaard, 11 hectares for the cultivation of peppers at Kwekerij Helderman in Middenmeer, and at the moment they are busy with the installation of a greenhouse in a holiday park in which a swimming pool, beach bath and hotel & catering service will be established.

Since 60 years is a milestone, one that they did not want to let pass unnoticed, no work was done on Friday 30 November. On the contrary, they took to the road with the whole company. After a hearty breakfast at the company they traveled to Alcomij in the Westland. Alcomij has been associated with the Brabant company for many years by supplying the roof and fa├žade system. After a tour of the factory and a generous lunch, some activities were organized at De Tuinderij in De Lier and the day ended with a drink and a bite to eat.

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