Today’s competitive business environment means that, like a lot of other growers, you’re probably expected to do more with less. Produce young plants of the highest environmental standards with less manpower, reduced timescales and fewer resources.

Looking at your existing set-up, it might be difficult to see what more you can do to optimize your production. Ellepot has launched the Flex20 AIR – a technology that was created to help growers continue to compete on quality, price and time to market.

"The Flex20 AIR machine creates soft and airy pots with up to 20% higher air content, resulting in faster, healthier and more uniform root growth", Carsten Thrane with Ellepot shows. "It handles the substrate so gently that the fragile root structure is left fully intact. This results in faster and easier sticking of cuttings and seedlings." 

The fully customizable propagation system is to help growers increase quality and performance with reduced manpower. "All while meeting their environmental responsibilities – a factor that is becoming increasingly important to plant buyers today." 

The Flex20 AIR in numbers
Flex20 AIR produces 45,000 Ellepots per hour and runs on decomposable and eco-friendly paper. Growers can choose from 18 varieties. "It creates pots with up to 20% higher air content and requires only one person for machine operation", Carsten concludes. 

At the IPM in Essen the company will show the Flex20 AIR in stand 3C21.

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