When something works in tomatoes, it might also work with peppers - so why not put baby bell pepper, Tinkerbell, in the already successful packaging of the Tomberry? This must have been the thinking at Eminent Food. Since the start of December, the baby bell pepper has been offered in a new, sustainable, cardboard packaging of 150 gram, in response to the current changes in market and consumer requirements, according to the company.

"Our products are intended as real plate decorations, but this was not being communicated by the packaging of Tinkerbell. It was time to change this, and show the consumer the possibilities of Tinkerbell."

The Tinkerbell had to remain visible in the new packaging, while the packaging had to clearly display applications and best before dates. The packaging also had to be recyclable. The cardboard bowl and sleeve are free of plastic, and all baby bell peppers are clearly visible. Most of all, the applications of the Tinkerbell are clearly shown on both sides, with icons demonstrating how the baby bell pepper can be used as a cold or hot snack, as a plate decoration, for grilling, snacking, or in a salad.

6 colors of Tinkerbell
The color range of the Tinkerbell was successfully expanded with the purple Tinkerbell in the summer of 2018. To follow up, in the spring of 2019 the color range will be expanded with yet another color: the lemon yellow Tinkerbell. This baby bell pepper is lighter than the current yellow Tinkerbell. This means that the Tinkerbell will be available in 6 colors in the spring: red, yellow, green, orange, purple, and lemon yellow.

The Tinkerbell is year round available and is grown in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. The new packaging is offered in 6 x 150 gram.

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