With digging machines roaring and walls being built brick by brick, a new generation greenhouse is under construction in Sanyuanzhu village, Shouguang, a major vegetable base in east China's Shandong Province.

The construction site is just a stone's throw from the office of Wang Leyi, the 78-year-old secretary of the village committee of the Communist Party of China. "Whenever I have time, I will come down and check out the progress," he said.

Wang has a lot of expectations for the new vegetable greenhouse. "Shouguang should be a leader in modern agriculture. The new greenhouse will use more machinery and less labor," said Wang.

The greenhouse will be equipped with automatic curtain rolling machines and automatic sprayers, which farmers can control remotely on their phones, according to a contractor.

Shouguang, now a county-level city, has become a major vegetable growing base and well-known in China since more farmers joined the greenhouse vegetable growing business in the 1990s.

With the greenhouses built with the technique shared by Wang, local farmers can grow more varieties of fresh vegetable to provide the market in winter and find a way to make more money and become prosperous.

Wang Leyi has also taken the lead in expanding the market. He even brought fresh vegetables and went to Hong Kong and Russia in search of potential buyers, but was met with setbacks.

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