A new greenhouse complex by LLC Vesna of 13.2 million euros, aimed at growing cucumbers, opened in the village Podkumok, in the Predgorny region of Stavropol.

“The acreage of the new greenhouse complex amounts to 9 ha, the production capacity is planned at 3.8 thousand tons of produce per year”, mentioned the head of the company, Mr. Anatoliy Poudilo in the opening ceremony.

According to him, 100 workplaces have been created in the new greenhouse and 661 thousand euros will be provided to the regional budget as taxes annually. Artificial lighting will not be used in the greenhouse. “The specifics of the greenhouse is such that due to the location in the 6-7 hour light zone, it can work without supplemental lighting, thus we save on electricity and minimize the production costs”, noted Mr. Poudilo.

The governor of the Stavropol area, Mr. Vladimir Vladimirov, remarked that the region has been successfully expanding the overall greenhouse acreage, building up export potential and attracting investments in the agricultural sector. Since the beginning of the year 70 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables have been produced, which is 20% more than in 2017. By 2020, it is planned to increase the overall greenhouse production capacity to 300 ha and gross output to 120 thousand tons.

“Greenhouse development is one of our priorities, the competitive advantages of Stavropol in this direction being high quality of produce and capabilities for production cost minimization”, noted Mr. Vladimirov.

With the completion of the project in question, the overall greenhouse acreage in the region has reached 198 ha, according to area governor press service representatives.

Source: tass.ru