How can enterprises enhance core competitiveness during the change from extensive pattern to intensive pattern in China’s fresh industry? And how to make the most of its strengths and accelerate the industrial distribution in the integration process of the industry chain? To find out these answers Wageningen University & Research and Yunzhong Yang Co. Ltd organized China’s fresh enterprises delegation to the Netherlands in September.

Fresh Enterprises delegation programme
Taking the basic needs and major challenges occurring in the growth of China’s fresh produce businesses into account, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) made an accurate excursion for the Chinese fresh enterprises delegation. During the excursion the delegation members could directly discuss and learn from the success of the Dutch fresh industry, as they met many experts from both WUR and industry. The programme contained visits to Research facilities from WUR, such as Phenomea and Randwijk. Also they travelled through the Netherlands to discover multiple Dutch companies with Fresh as their expertise, like Van Amerongen CA Technology, Van Acht Koel - Vriesopslag, Tomatoworld and Certhon.

As expected, the programme supported the delegation members in acquiring an overall understanding of the factors and core technologies behind the sound development of Dutch fresh produce industry chain, including the research and development, the breeding and planting, the cold-chain and the trade. This unique and rewarding experience deeply impressed all the delegation members.

Continued collaboration
In order to strengthen exchange of agricultural technology, Wageningen University & Research and Yunzhong Yang signed an strategic cooperation agreement at the end of the programme. Together they will develop multiple courses on Agriculture in 2019, which should support the ambition of China’s Fresh Enterprises to create a new chapter for the Chinese agricultural industry. Adhering to the initial purpose of “To explore the potential of nature, to improve the quality of life”, WUR has shouldered the responsibility of pushing forward the development of agriculture worldwide. By sharing knowledge, experiences, technologies and key factors in industry developments WUR contributes to the promotion of innovation and sustainable development in agriculture and creates opportunities for cooperation and common progress.

Source: Wageningen University & Research