Sipo has started the harvest of white celery grown in Spain, specifically from the Murcia region, which will be available from Monday, December 3rd.

It is picked from December to the beginning of April. The choice of Murcia for cultivation was made to guarantee a commercially viable product, something which in recent years could not be obtained in Italy due to the very variable weather conditions. Furthermore, in this area it is possible to extend the cultivation period by almost two months, maintaining the food safety requirements. The head has big leaves, its stalks, especially the external ones, are pale straw-colored, almost white, while the inner ones are white. Its medium-small size and white color represent how tender and non-fibrous it is.

White celery is mostly eaten raw, in salads, in dips or added to rice and pasta salads; while green celery is eaten both raw and cooked in soups, minestrone, or baked.

An important fact about this beneficial vegetable, as it is very rich in water, it should be kept in the refrigerator wrapped in a damp cloth, because at room temperature it would lose part of its water. Celery and carrot juice is recommended as an excellent re-mineralizing and anti-rheumatic agent.

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