Henk and Jan Breugem from Bleiswijk in the Netherlands are happy with the production of their bell peppers this late in the season: "We can see a boost in the last planting of the peppers, and we believe it's due to the effects of Pentakeep. The green bell peppers of the Frazier variety were considerably larger this year, and the peppers from the last crop have never been this big and heavy."

Despite the extreme weather this year, the pepper plants experienced less stress and were very healthy. On the advice of Bas van Schie from Pentagrow, the Breugem brothers gave the crop a boost with Pentakeep for the final planting. They applied a double dose of Pentakeep, with two liters per ha per fortnight instead of one. Timing correctly was important for getting results. It is customary to stop using Pentakeep when the head is out of the pepper plant. This year they instead decided to give the extra high dosage at that point. Jan: "The result is a nice and spacious final setting with qualitatively beautiful and heavy fruits."

More even production and heavier fruits
The Breugem brothers have been using Pentakeep for 12 years now and are convinced of the advantages. Henk Breugem: "Pentakeep is an excellent growth stimulator, with a double dose the plant can be generatively controlled even better. The plant produces extra fruit and the production is ultimately more even." The first year they did a test with two sections and they immediately saw a difference during sorting. Jan: "The peppers grown with Pentakeep were bigger and heavier. The last two years sorting is done by weight instead of size, and the use of Pentakeep only helps because we harvest heavier fruits."

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