Until today they were still spread over two production locations, but now moving day is here. In the coming days, all Bosman Van Zaal employees will take their belongings to the new premises. From today until Monday, December 10, it might be a bit harder to reach the company.



Bosman Van Zaal is moving to Green Park Aalsmeer, where construction on the new facility started in March of this year. Over the last months, a production facility and office space, over 16,000 m2 in total, has appeared there. It incorporates, of course, the characteristic honeycomb logo, showed photos of the building process.

Construction update from June

The design

And the realization, a few weeks before delivery.

Next week, all employees will find their place in the new building and the company will return to normal. Then at the new address of course:

Bosman Van Zaal
Braziliƫlaan 4
1432 DG Aalsmeer
the Netherlands