Christmas will soon be upon us and the Fellini Patrizio company has recently started using a festive packaging. This is characterised by white and red colours and festive greetings. But this is not the only novelty: for these two weeks, a new produce has been launched.

Lamberto Giovanardi – marketing office – explains, “The new produce is the cherry tomato mix, which is packaged in 250 gr boxes. Every box is provided with a freshness-saving lid. The cherry tomatoes varieties we utilise for this mix are the red, the orange and the striped. This mix can be consumed as a snack. Additionally, it is very nice to bring it with you to the workplace as a healthy and tasty break”.

The boxes were proposed by the MMR and they are already available. The first results are very positive. The goal is to have produce available throughout the year, either coming from Sicily or Fondi (in different periods).

Another recently introduced novelty is the chicory. It is farmed in Campania and it is packaged in 350 gr trays with the green and red varieties.

Emile Fellini

The manager Emile Fellini explains, “We try to offer innovative products to our customers. The novelties could involve the packaging, the weight, the mix compositions and so forth. We always guarantee the quality of our vegetables, in order to satisfy our consumers who are the real judges of our products”.

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