A statement was released today, stating a directed focus on the health benefits on Micro Leaves by the company 2BFresh.

Dr. Uri Mayer Chissick (Ph.D), says: "Most of us know that various nutrition institutes around the world recommend eating fruits and vegetables and that they should make up about 50% of our daily intake. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes that increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer…"

2BFresh from Israel grow and supply a wide selection of Micro Leaves, freshly harvested daily from their farms in Israel & Switzerland. They have been working with Dr. Uri Mayer Chissick, an expert on natural nutrition and traditional foodways in order to research and understand the nutritional values of the Micro Leaves. Their main focus these days is to create awareness about the health benefits that these tiny leaves pack. Just before 2019 kicks off - 2BFresh will be launching a new label which is all about health.

Dr. Chissick: "Studies have found that at about 7-20 days after germination, microgreens have the highest content of vitamins and minerals to weight… Microgreens are not just a beautiful garnish for a dish in a chef's gourmet restaurant. They are important for all of us because of their concentration in essential nutrients that are vital for a healthy body".

"People want to eat healthy food" says Yael Mandel from 2BFresh, "Micro Leaves are mostly known for their pretty appearance and huge taste… but the real 'gold' is their amount of vitamins and nutrients". She smiles and says "Every healthy choice counts!"

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