Now you can inspect and manage elevated products and growing plants up to 12 feet high using the Cruiser Traveling Ladder. 

As the unit is only 20 inches wide it gives complete accessibility through narrow aisles. It has a battery running charge that runs 9 to 15 miles up to 5 miles per hour on a single charge and is OSHA compliant.

Weight capacity is 300 lbs and it has stabilizer wheels for increased stability to resist tipping, precision electric brakes and available for sitting or standup operation.

The Cruiser can be designed with a variety of options to meet the owner’s needs, such as platform height, carrying flats with front end shelf, adapting other uses rather than the basket. Adaptations for harvest are also possible - US Global Resources, the company behind the Cruiser, have even provided an accessory in the form of a snow plow.

Every one of the elevated motorized utility vehicles is designed from the ground up to maximize productivity while maintaining safety.

The Cruiser can be used for reaching the upper level of crops for insect, disease control and new growth inspection in such areas as hanging baskets, tomatoes, cucumbers as well as warehouse and retail stocking area management.

The user can drive the Cruiser to the work site, throughout the facility in a fraction of the time through doorways and over uneven areas. It also easily moves up a wheelchair incline.   

For more information:
US Global Resources