In Savoie, a 29-year-old entrepreneur created a 100% green and recyclable food packaging. It is produced from organic cotton coated with resin, wax and oil. Washable with warm water and mild soap, it can be used 250 times and can pack everything from pasta salad to fruit. On the other hand, it is not recommended for meat and fish. It works like a sticker and it takes the shape of food with only the warmth of your hands. "I played the apprentice chemist in my kitchen for a long month. I ended up finding a recipe that protects food, which is sticky but not gluey, "says Clémence Maurel, creator of the product.

Sold 25 euros a pack of three under the brand name Cosse Nature, they come with colorful patterns designed by Clémence.

Today alone at the head of her company, she plans on recruiting two people and intends to develop new ideas on the same eco-responsible principle such as bamboo straws.

This initiative is supported by the Ronalpia Incubator.

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Source: France Bleu