In October Sylvania Lighting released the newest product of its horticultural lighting solutions, the Sylvania Gro-Lux LED Linear. Gro-Lux LED is designed as a modular passively cooled LED complete fixture, which is an all-in-one solution for every stage of plant growth and suitable for every crop.

For the development, Sylvania paired up with the company Lux Light International, which has its profession in horticultural lighting for over 20 years. The fixture comes with 396W drivers that deliver the needed power to produce up to 1080 µmol output to equally replace a 600W 400V EL HID greenhouse lamp while saving over 33% of energy.

Gro-Lux LED Linear is able to grow with its requirements. The modular system allows for updates and easy replacement of single parts of the fixture. Because of the six different light sources the fixture offers, the overlap ensures deep penetration of light into the plant with minimized shadow casting. Therefore, the plant will generate more biomass. The whole fixture is made from high quality, heat resistant materials and offers an IP rating of 66 which makes it additionally vapor proof. Furthermore the easy plug and play assemble design guarantees for low maintenance and quick installation.

The Gro-Lux LED is available in two different proven spectra:

  • Universal spectrum for every stage of the plant’s growth. It can easily be used form start to finish and ensures optimum growth even without the supply of natural sunlight.
  • Vegetative spectrum offers additional lighting in combination with natural sunlight. It finds its best practice in greenhouse applications.
  • The modularity makes it possible to mix the two spectra to receive a denser growth while also profiting from the universal spectrum

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