As reported by Andrea Faedi from Vivo, while preferences change in autumn, the demand of sprouts and microgreens remains unvaried. "The important thing it to mix up the types of sprouts. For example, legume sprouts are very popular at the moment." The same goes for microgreens, which Vivo started to grow last year."

Pietro and Andrea Farnedi

Vivo obtained a new certification in the past months. "Obtaining the BRC Global standard for food safety certification was very hard. It's demanded mainly by the UK, but also by Italian retailers. As we're trying to work on all markets, we thought it would be useful to meet all required standards. Our quality is now certified by a very strict body."

Vivo's turnover increased over the first 10 months of 2018. This was due to the new facility as well as to the additional products available (the range currently includes 45 products) and clients. "The edible flower segment is also growing, and they're mainly requested by the H&R sector." 

Organic products are also doing well. "You need to start from an organic seed to obtain organic sprouts, then the following phases are no different than the traditional ones. While the organic segment is not predominant, it is constantly growing."

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