It's picture time again! This time we've recapped Horti China for you. The exhibition, organized last week in Shanghai, was well visited. Alongside the event a lot of interesting seminars, courses and workshops were given during this exhibition.

The complete show was divided in two parts, Horti Tech and Horti Fresh (for fruit trade), and while most of the exhibitors were focused on the Chinese domestic market, Chinese and foreign companies were present as well.

During the show, it was also a good time to showcase products to visitors. AgriGarden brought a large booth with a large-scale model which displayed their vertical farm system with artificial lighting. “Lighting technology is a critical part of the plant factory system. We had quite a few visitors, and they were very interested in the whole setting of vertical farming system including the possibility for automation in logistics. We were happy to explain to them the many possibilities to implement VF,” said Laurie with AgriGarden. "Furthermore, we also did a small demo of VIVI idea, vivi in a box from our Dutch partner Viscon Group. This also attracted quite some visitors to our booth."

Steven Deng from Irrigateur AGM (PEK) joined the exhibition together with his Italian partner Mauro Masoni from Rinieri S.R.L. He sells the machinery of Rinieri in China, and they also displayed one of the machines in their booth. “We get a lot of attention for this machine. It can really reduce the manpower you need for one job. With this machine here and the introduction video we made, visitors can really see the benefits of this machine, we got a lot of attention during this exhibition,” commented Steven Deng.

Check out the photo report here.