The new greenhouse complex Tonshalovsky started production in the Cherepovets region in Russia. On November 20, the deputy governor, Mr. Mikhail Glazkov, the enterprise management and representatives of the Cherepovets authorities launched the first phase of the greenhouse complex with an acreage of 2.5 ha.

“The regional governor, Mr. Oleg Kuvshinnikov, has set a target to provide food security in the region. The demand for vegetables is met by 35-40% with the vegetables grown in the Vologoda region. These are both greenhouse and open-field vegetables. We welcome new investors, including those who renovate the old enterprises at the existing production sites. Greenery has been grown in the renovated greenhouse since October. And since Monday the lettuce and herbs are supplied to the local stores. We are confident that in half a year the produce could be bought to other cities as well”, mentioned Mr. Glazkov.

LLC GC Tonshalovsky are planning to carry out the reconstruction of the complex in several phases. In the first phase, seven kinds of greenery have been planted. These are rucola, lettuce, dill, coriander, lemongrass, sorrel and basil. Cucumbers and tomatoes are next on the list. At the moment, the greenhouse complex employs 20 associates, most of them former employees of the complex Ovoschnoy and dwellers of the Tonshalovo village.

The regional budget presupposes measures of state support for the greenhouse complexes: partial compensation of spending on energy resources, as well as equipment, machinery and technical devices, required for vegetable growing. Funding for seed purchasing is currently being considered.

It is worth reminding that gas supply was discontinued to the Ovoschnoy complex at the end of 2016 for continuous failure to carry out respective payments. With the January frosts, all the seedlings died and the equipment was damaged. After that, it was announced that the complex would not be functioning further. The production facilities of the bankrupt enterprise were purchased by the entrepreneur, Mr. Nikolay Hohlov.

“The production facility has not been renovated for a long while and the working methods have become obsolete. The bankruptcy procedure was announced. Unfortunately, the new management could not solve the existing issues and the production in the complex stopped again”, added Mr. Glazkov. “New issues appeared: reemployment of the associates (in 2016 the headcount amounted to 160 people), and the second one, how to meet the regional demand in vegetables produced locally. With the appearance of the new investor the issues are beginning to be solved. The old team will be gradually reemployed in the new enterprise”.

The deputy governor also noted that a new greenhouse complex is being constructed in close proximity to Cherepovets. He underlined that by 2020 the task set by the governor to meet the demand for vegetables in the region with local produce by 50% will be fulfilled, reported the press service of Vologda regional government.