The President of Uzbekistan, Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has signed a decree featuring measures to facilitate the creation of greenhouse complexes.

The document reads that the absence of contemporary production facilities manufacturing greenhouse complexes forces local producers to import the equipment, which consequently leads to issues with service maintenance and usage of extra resources and funds.

The insufficient efficiency of the existing state support mechanisms for contemporary greenhouse complex creation hinders full-scale realization of business projects on fruit and vegetable production and attracting investments in the industry.

Seed production for greenhouse is not established; therefore, import of seeds is inevitable.

In view of those factors, the Decree sets the major directions of the country's greenhouse industry development, among which is the creation of contemporary greenhouse complexes using alternative energy sources, energy efficient and energy saving technologies and many others.

The Decree approves a list of priority projects for contemporary greenhouse complex construction in various regions and enables creation of working groups aimed at allocating vacant land plots and supporting the entrepreneurs.

In 2019, $200 million will be attracted from the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and other international financial institutions for financing the creation of greenhouse complexes.

Apart from that, up until January 1, 2021, legal entities will be exempt from the following payments:

  • Profit tax, unified tax payment, VAT related to the production of contemporary greenhouse complexes, spare parts for them and corrugated packaging under the condition that the funds will be allocated to the technical and technological reconstruction, modernization and production development;
  • Tax payments (apart from fees for customs processing) on imported equipment, raw and other materials, spare parts and components, not manufactured internally and required for the production of the contemporary greenhouse complexes and corrugated packaging according to the lists, formed in a stipulated manner.

In addition, an idea to create seed-production clusters under the condition of state and private business partnership has been approved. They will be located in Bukhara, Kashkadar, Namagan, Samarkand, Sukhandarya and Fergana regions.