Thermal greenhouses will be set up in Ah Evran University in Kirsehir in order to train growers. According to the press release by the university, all the greenhouses will be set up nearby the main campus under the “Clustering of Thermal Greenhouses” project.

As a part of the project, fully automated greenhouses will be set up and practical training will be provided to growers and their families. The plan is to start harvesting within the year of 2019.

Project Coordinator Dr. Hakan Basak: “We have already started working to bring the geothermal resource to a nearby location to the campus. We aim to finish the construction of the greenhouses as soon as possible and start growing products in 2019. We will be conducting research in these greenhouses to improve productivity and profitability.

One of our goals is also to demonstrate that family enterprises can be successful in this area and we hope our project will not only serve as a training ground but also as an incubator for agricultural start-ups. We are also planning to train people to work in greenhouses which will give growers access to qualified workforce. We believe this project will contribute significantly to the local economy.

Modern methods can improve efficiency and productivity in greenhouses by a sizable margin and we hope to initiative the creation of family enterprises which earn their living completely through greenhouse production.”

Source: Milliyet