Exhibition organizer Easyfairs launches a new theme area at HortiContact 2019: Soft Fruit Experience. The theme area will have its own place on the exhibition floor. Here are companies that are specialized in soft fruit in greenhouses: from strawberry to blackberry and from raspberry to berry. In collaboration with Janny Trouw (network coordinator LTO Glaskracht strawberry/soft fruit) there will be a knowledge theatre on the exhibition floor especially for the soft fruit sector in greenhouses. "Soft fruit plays an increasing role in the greenhouse horticulture sector and we want to respond to that", says organizer Ramon Schlepers.

Soft Fruit Experience focuses on three visitor target groups: existing growers of soft fruit in greenhouses, growers who want to switch from cultivation of other crops in greenhouses to cultivation of soft fruit in greenhouses and growers who are active in the open cultivation of soft fruit and want to invest in greenhouse construction.

A number of lectures will be given in the knowledge theatre that is specially focused on the soft fruit sector in greenhouses. The first speakers and topics are now known: ABZ Seeds about the switch to strawberry Delizzimo in sustainable, exposed winter cultivation, ICE Agency about the labor market, Octinion about the harvesting robot, Polariks about technology developments and on remote sensing and spectroscopy, Janny Trouw (LTO Glaskracht) about Fruitport and Stichting Aardbei Onderzoek and Vezalux about LED lighting. FlevoBerry and LimGroup will also speak in this knowledge theatre.

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