The 2018 Asian Fruit and Vegetable Exposition officially opened in Shanghai on November 21st, 2018. The exposition halls were extremely crowded on the first day. The exposition was divided in two specialized areas. One area was devoted to companies involved in pre-harvest processes such as greenhouse and agricultural technology, as well as agricultural equipment. The other area was devoted to companies involved in post-harvest processes such as trade of various fruits and vegetables.

Xander van der Zande of DanDutch said that there were many more journalists than last year at the exposition. "The number of journalists that visited during the first day of the exposition was much higher than last year. This is perhaps because of the horticultural exposition that was organised here yesterday. Many people combined these two events and visited both, because they were conveniently organised back to back. We decided to participate in this exposition because the Chinese market is extremely important to us. We also have a branch office in Beijing. Furthermore, we can see that this exposition is quickly developing. There were many more participants this year than last year."

Xander van der Zande of DanDutch (on the right) in front of the company stand

"This exposition is very helpful for us," said Li Yong of AgriPlus. "The great advantage of this exposition is the presence of companies involved in plantation, greenhouses, and equipment. This makes it easier for us to meet with current and prospective clients. Furthermore, our cooperative partner Grodan also came, which makes it much easier to introduce their products to our clients."

The visiting delegation from AgriPlus in front of their company stand, with Mr. Li Yong in the middle

Mr. Chang Zhongjie of Hainan Natural Fruit Fragrance Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. said: "We have many people visiting our stand. We have prepared some samples of various products for visitors to taste, such as papaya and wax apple. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As soon as we put the fruit samples out on plates, they immediately disappear. It is fair to say that our fruit receives a warm welcome from the visitors at this exposition. We have met both current and prospective clients today, and we have received enthusiastic feedback from both."

Company stand of Hainan Natural Fruit Fragrance, with Mr. Chang Zhongjie on the right

Codema also participated in this exposition. Their stand was extremely crowded. Just Roos of Codema said: "Our development in China is going well. We are currently considering the next step in our plan, which is a branch office in Beijing. That would allow us to provide even better service to clients in China. This exposition provides us with the opportunity to meet with current Chinese clients and get to know new clients. We have created a promotional video with Chinese subtitles so that Chinese visitors have an immediate impression of our projects. We are constantly working to develop our services and satisfy our clients."

Visiting delegation of Codema

To sum up, the first day of the exposition was crowded. Relevant participants discussed various topics in different conference rooms. So not only were visitors able to get to know various companies through their stands, but they could also learn about the industry from specialists.