"We started sowing, producing and commercializing various rocket varieties in the 1990s and have always searched for seeds that could reduce the incidence of fungal diseases to the minimum," explains Luca De Martino, producer from Pontecagnano (SA).

Due to its soil and weather conditions, Piana del Sele is defined as the leading domestic (and European) area for the cultivation of baby-leaf varieties and especially of rocket destined for fresh consumption and the fresh-cut segment. 

"We produce our rocket between September and August with methods that involve the nutri-protection system: nourishing plants well so they can autonomously develop their own natural defenses thus reducing the treatments needed."

"The cycle prolongs in October and the so-called definitive sowing is carried out: the production continues until spring with 8-9 cuts in total. The cycle reduces with the arrival of the warmer months, meaning a maximum of 15 days pass between sowing and harvesting."

"We commercialize around 300 tons of rocket a year, 60% of which are destined to intermediary markets, while the rest is shipped to foreign markets such as Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany."  

"Rocket is cut and packaged quickly so the produce remains fresh: this is our strength. Harvesting is performed with machines that cut the leaves at the base. They are then transported to our packaging facilities at a controlled temperature of 3°C." 

Packaging solutions include trays of various sizes (125, 500 and 1000 gr) and materials.

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