Helle Oy, a Finnish wholesaler for the horticulture industry, is growing steadily. Both revenue and the number of employees have increased significantly. In the past three years, six new employees were hired and sales rose to 28 million euros. Now a total of 85 people work at Helle and the company has a subsidiary in Latvia. The company is using another subsidiary, Elektro-Valo, to get a foothold in the lighting market. In addition to selling greenhouse lighting, the company also provides lighting for the business market and the public sector.

The majority of the revenue, more than 17 million euros, comes from deliveries to the horticulture sector. The wholesaler has for 30 years been a supplier of seeds, articles and hardware, such as greenhouse equipment, biological crop control and complete greenhouses. The majority of the products are imported from the Netherlands and Germany, while a small portion comes from Denmark.

From their offices in Närpes, Helle serves the horticultural companies in the region. Sixty to seventy percent of Finnish tomatoes originate from Närpes and surrounding areas. In collaboration with Sigg-Plant, which is also located in Närpes, Helle tomato and cucumber plants are sold and exported.

Source: news.abounderrattelser.fi