Horti China 2018 kicked off with a very busy first day. The exhibition is divided in two different parts. One part is Horti Tech, which consists of greenhouses, agricultural high-tech and agricultural equipment companies. The other part is Horti Fresh, which consists of different fruit and vegetables companies.

According to Xander van der Zande from DanDutch, this year’s exhibition has seen many more visitors compared with last year. “This year the number of visitors on the first day is much higher than last year. This probably has to do with the horticulture conference that was held here yesterday as well. A lot of people will combine these two activities, since it is very convenient for them to be organized so close after each other. We decided to participate in this fair, because the Chinese market is very important for us, furthermore we also have plans to open an office in Beijing. Besides, we see this exhibition is also developing very fast. This year, there are many more companies participating than last year.”

“This is a very useful exhibition for us.” Said Brian Li from AgriPlus. “The biggest benefit of this exhibition is that both growers and greenhouse and equipment companies are present, so it is easier to find your current clients or to find new ones. Furthermore, our partner company, Grodan, is also here, to explain the products they produce to our clients as well.”

One fruit company representative, Mr. Chang from Hainan Natural fruit scent Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., mentioned: “The people at our booth were a lot. We prepared some samples for visitors to taste. We had prepared papaya and wax apple and the feedback we got was very positive. And once we put the fruits on the plates, they were empty very fast. Therefore it could be said that our fruits were very popular with the visitors. Today we met some new clients and customers, so this exhibition is very positive for us.”

Codema was also present with their team at this fair and it was quite busy at their booth as well. “Our business is doing quite well in China and we are considering taking the next step and opening an office in Beijing to improve our services and projects in China even more. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to meet with our Chinese clients and meet new ones. We made a special video in Chinese style with Chinese music, so Chinese visitors can immediately see what kind of projects our company can realize. We worked hard on it and the result was very satisfying,” said Just Roos from Codema.

All in all, the exhibition was quite busy. Some speeches were also given in the different meeting rooms, so besides the many companies you can visit here, you can also hear the speeches of different specialists in this industry.