Heaps of cow dung drawn from cattle ranches and farms in parts of Laikipia County is what hit you as you enter Mr Kuria Kiboi’s farm. There are also mountains of chicken, goat and rabbit waste.

Mr Kiboi’s business is to turn the waste into manure. He is the founder of Agri-Flora Organic Fertiliser Company in Nyahururu town.

“I have been doing research about the idea of transforming manure into a more efficient commodity for the last 15 years. My idea initially was just to crush the manure and pack it as powder but with time I realised I could pack it into a fully processed product, and therefore I set up the company early last year,” Mr Kiboi told Enterprise at his factory.

Kenya has been seeking to boost crop production to achieve food security. Experts say the current low farm production is due to massive degradation of the soil.

Mr Kiboi says his aim is to help address this problem.

“We employ natural raw materials in the manufacture of the fertilisers,” he says.

He plans to roll out high scale commercial production to meet the increasing demand.

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