“The export of Persian cucumbers is new for us as a company. We started to receive demand from Europe, so we started the export to London, UK. It has been a well-known product in Mexico for years, but now we have clients who are interested in oriental vegetables as well”, explains Arturo Hernandez Campos from Green Sky Perishables Experts by air, Mexico.

He adds that he notices changes in the Mexican production in horticulture in general. “We are optimistic and I have good expectations for this new commodity. We are adapting the fields in Mexico to the world market expectations. Taking into account the quality products of central and south American producers, such as Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.”

Green Sky Perishables exports by air and is specialized in the logistics of perishable goods from Mexico to the world. Besides this new commodity, Persian cucumber, the company transports big volumes of limes, mangoes and other fruits and vegetables.

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