Vittorio Gona, the president and marketing manager of the Alba Bio PO from Sicily said: “The winter season production of greenhouse vegetable kicks off in the second week of November. Our PO farms almost all the produce demanded by the market. However, at the moment, the placement is proving to be quite difficult for the vine tomatoes.

Market, Production and Competition
Gona, “The trend is definitely more positive for our other produce. For them, the market is balanced enough and we believe that prices will remain the same throughout the season. The difficult period caused by oscillating prices should end within twenty days when we will get into the heart of the winter season. Yet, The overproduction that occurs during this transitional period - from a summer to a winter horticultural season - represents a marketing obstacle for some produce. It is a phenomenon which occurs every year during this period”.

The president, “Despite the plant disease, the courgette has kicked off splendidly. The crops seem to grow regularly and therefore the produce will be 100% good. The prices are similar to last year’s – 1.80 euros/kg. This quite high price for this period is a consequence of a produce shortage on a European level”.

Gona: “The Datterino is marketed for 1.70 euros/kg, the cherry tomato for 1.50 and the branch tomato for 0.90. These represent our flagship produce. Further, the aubergine is marketed for 1.40 euros/kg".

“The Spanish competition is quite fierce. Spanish producers are extremely well organised in terms of planning and production management. They are our main rivals for the placement of our produce on the European market”.

The product range and the ‘Marzanino’

For 5 years, our PO has been producing a tomato variety of great taste called ‘Marzanino’. It is a mini plum characterised by a good durability and a very good-looking appearance”. According to the company, the demand for this produce “has increased by 100% every year. This is a sign of customer appreciation, especially thanks to a high Brix degree throughout the productive season”.

The total production mostly consists of common Sicilian vegetables: tomato (datterino, cherry, mini San Marzano, coloured, branch, salad, bull’s heart, Piccadilly and cocktail); aubergine (black, graffiti, purple, white); pepper (half-long, squared, horned); courgette (dark, light and yellow) and others.

The Alba Bio PO is provided with the most important certifications - such as BIO 834/07, GlobalGAP, GRASP, BIO SUISS and IFS FOOD - which ensure the work and the production quality. The packaging of the produce can be of any typology and size, even recyclable. The PO has the resources to manage the logistics for shipping throughout Europe.

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