The second day of the MJBizCon came to an end yesterday, and to anybody visiting the exhibition it became clear horticulture has outed themselves in the marijuana business. While suppliers tended to prefer anonymity over the last couple of years - using other names or exhibiting under suppliers - this year everybody is out in the open. Horticulture is in the business and hoping to play a role in its tenuous growth.

At the exhibition, the distance between the horticultural market and both the former underground market as well as the investors' environment becomes clear. With efficiency being the number one topic among the horticultural suppliers, many other parties seem to be focused on speed and production. It shows the gap to be closed within the next couple of years and the future of the industry.

Please expect our complete report on Monday and enjoy today's snapshots of the show.

A well-known name in greenhouse horticulture: Stolze shows what they can do for growers

Oreon lights up the show floor with their presence

Griffin has all the supplies growers can imagine

And of course EnviroTech was there as well to show what they have to offer to growers