The greenhouse complex in Nevelsky region have collected the first crops last month. The local dwellers have tasted the produce of the enterprise, built in the shortest terms possible. The greenhouse complex has provided 1.5 tons of tomatoes and hundreds of kilos of cucumbers. Until the end of the year, it is planned to grow 100 tons of greenhouse vegetables.

Ms. Oksana Seroshatova has been working in the enterprise for three months and has already experienced all the pleasures of the new occupation. It is always light and warm in the greenhouse and the smell of fresh greenery does not allow for the depression in late autumn.

“I was invited to work in the greenhouse by an acquaintance. She said, it is not too difficult. We decided to try and indeed the work turned out to be not so difficult and interesting”.

The enterprise is growing tomatoes and cucumbers and they have also started the experimental growing of various sorts of lettuce.

“We have full control over the plants' development. We provide them with mineral fertilisers. We do not use growth stimulants or hormones”, underlines the chief agronomist of the complex, Ms. Irina Tkachenko.

The greenhouse complex covers the area of three ha. It has been built within a year but it took much longer to choose the production equipment producer. Eventually an Italian producer was chosen. The enterprise provides employment to 75 people, 70% of whom are the dwellers of Nevelsky region.

The first crops have been delivered to the local shops and will cost the local dwellers much less than the produce arriving from the mainland.