Restructuring of the horticultural area between Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Lansingerland has to start soon. With a more efficient layout of the area - which will get the name Het Kleihoogt - the horticulture could go on growing. This is shown in a research by Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland, handed over to Fabian van der Horst (director Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden) by chairman Piet van Adrichem. The bank has an important role in the upcoming restructuring, because it made land available for a better opening up of the area

Piet van Adrichem (Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland, left) hands the report of Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland to Fabian van der Horst (Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden).  

A few years ago, the area between Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Lansingerland received a financial contribution from the national Fonds Economische Structuurversterking. These FES contributions have been used to adjust the infrastructure in the area. Between the N470 and Katwijkerlaan the Oostelijke Randweg is being constructed. The first part of this road will be ready in the third quarter of 2019; it is expected that the Oostelijke Randweg will be ready in 2020.

Restructuring the area is executed by private parties, as has been agreed by the parties involved. The Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland, founded by LTO Glaskracht Midden Zuid-Hollanden VNO-NCW Oostland, has researched which opportunities there are for entrepreneurs in the area, and had ZLTO interview dozens of entrepreneurs in the area.

Space for growth
A large part of the interviewed entrepreneurs indicated the desire to keep on developing at the present location. There is sufficient space in the area, certainly if the entrepreneurs that move or quit are taken into account and an improved layout of the area. Piet van Adrichem, chairman of Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland: "The horticulture in the area is now 130 hectare; doubling is possible."

This growth comes with a number of prerequisites, such as a better connection to the Oostelijke Randweg, improved internet connections, and connection to the constructed heat roundabout. Also, houses have to be moved, and water storage has to be adjusted.

Starting restructuring
Het Kleihoogt - the new addition of the horticultural area - has a good future, on the condition that the restructuring is started. Van Adrichem: "This is the moment." That is why Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland advises involved parties to start deploying the instruments for restructuring. This means that the restructuring should be part of existing initiatives, such as Gebiedsverkenning Oostland and the establishment of Warmteco√∂peratie Oostland. 

The results of the research have been handed over to Fabian van der Horst (director Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden) by Piet van Adrichem (Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland). This happened during a well attended meeting in t Manneke in Berkel en Rodenrijs. 

Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland is a cooperation between VNO-NCW Oostland and LTO Glaskracht Midden Zuid-Holland. On the photo, from left to right: Fabian van der Horst (Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden), Ilone Douma-Ammerlaan (VNO-NCW Oostland), Theo Ammerlaan (LTO Glaskracht Midden Zuid-Holland) and Piet van Adrichem (Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland).  

Rabobank is involved in the area in different ways, such as financing and land. Van der Horst: "The horticulture is the economic engine in this area, and a world renowned sector. As bank, we want to do everything to give the horticulture the chance to grow further.

Recently, Leonie Claessen (LTO Noord Glaskracht, Stichting FES Bedrijfsleven Oostland) presented the results of the research during the meeting. Interviews with entrepreneurs in Het Kleihoogt showed that half of the entrepreneurs want to expand. "Entrepreneurs are ready."