The Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato is on. Yesterday, the first day of this four day event, saw a slightly slow start, kicking off with some showers in the morning.

Despite slow traffic and the rainy start, the atmosphere among the exhibitors is positive; many of them are happy with the current growth of the Mexican greenhouse industry and are still expanding in this market. 

Mexican growers are eager to improve the quality and yield of their crop and are willing to invest in it. At this moment however, many exhibitors notice that growers are withholding large investments a bit. “In July 2018, a new president was elected and growers would probably rather wait till his inauguration in December and see what will happen afterwards”, an exhibitor says. 

Come pick up your free copy of our Greenhouse Guide this week in Irapuato!

Also is present to report the event. We are handing out free copies of our Greenhouse Guide at our booth in the new floriculture pavilion till Thursday noon. You are welcome to come visit us! 

On Monday we will be back with our complete photo recap of the show. 

Exhibition floor

The team of NPI

The team of FiLClAir

Dionisio Tendero Gimbert of De Gier

Leonardo Ledesma and Ricardo Martinez of Asesores en Invernaderos

Expo Agroalimentaria is one of the largest farming events in North and Central America. This year, over 1,300 exhibitors are showing their products and services at a 630,000 m2 indoor and outdoor area in Irapuato.