From 2019 VB will invest in a new sustainable office building with associated atrium and industrial building at the Galgeweg in Naaldwijk (Westland). The current building, at Jogchem van der Houtweg in De Lier, reaches the limits of its capacity and with a view to further growth it has been decided to move.

The new building will have room for collaboration and connection and will be a place where VB can provide employees a modern, contemporary workplace.

VB aims for a completely energy-neutral building. With the atrium, an 11-meter-high glass greenhouse construction which connects the office to the company hall, the building also gets a fitting look in conformity with the ‘Westland’ and the greenhouse construction projects that the company realizes worldwide.

The new building will be visible on the continuation of the A20 from Rotterdam towards Naaldwijk.

VB expects to be able to realize the first pile in the spring of 2019. The completion of the new building and the actual relocation is expected to take place early 2020.

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