The temperature changes over the past few weeks have stressed light and dark courgette plants, meaning there are problems in the production of these vegetables in the Fondi area.

"Volumes are much lower than in the past campaign, and things will continue to be so for a few weeks," explains Michele Conti from OP Copla.

Prices are high. "Just like in Sicily, we're talking about €3.00-3.30/kg for white courgettes with flowers, while it depends on grades for dark ones: the quotation is €1.80-2.00 for 14/21 and €2.50-2.80/kg for 7/14 according to the quality. I'd like to point out that the produce with a few imperfections also sells, albeit at a lower price."

Recently, the Fondi-Terracina-Sperlonga area was hit by a tornado that has affected the quantities of cucumbers, courgettes and salad available.  

"In just ten minutes, companies who are part of our PO have seen the work they had been carrying out with so much sacrifice completely obliterated. Nothing's left. This is also a reason why the availability of vegetables is below the norm."

"As for our PO, we're talking about 40% less saleable production. While the harvesting of tomatoes is almost over, the situation has definitely been compromised for cucumbers, courgettes and salad."

Finally, for what concerns phytosanitary problems, Michele adds that "the main problems in this period are virus diseases. In addition, due to sudden temperature changes, powdery and downy mildew may also develop."