Usually, crops have hidden energetic treasures which people usually are not aware of. The Caeb Agroenergy company created a machine and an application in order to use everything that is considered a waste in orchards.

Antonio Perla at Eima together with the new machine

Antonio Perla from Caeb, “Everything revolves around the pruning of leftovers. We collect them through our machine, which we define as round-baler for tendrils and pruning. It can complete an entire cycle within less than a minute: collecting the tendrils, bale binding and unloading”.

The produced bale weights 25-35 kg, but it can be adjusted. Every produced bale can be transformed into pellet through additional devices.

Perla, “Another interesting aspect is the application we created. It allows the farmer calculating their own energetic potential. Basically, one needs to insert all the details regarding their own crop and the application gives you the energetic balance – from the house to the field.


“How much energy do I have on the field? How much heat can I use? How much can I save? These are the questions our system answers to. Once considered as a waste to get rid of, today it can be re-used thus decreasing the energy costs.

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