Davis Worldwide moved into a brand-new office in Spalding a couple of weeks ago. The company was founded in 1999 in Louth before opening offices in Stamford and Boston. Spalding is now the head office for the UK, Louth will still operate but with reduced activity, the company HQ is in Barendrecht in the Netherlands.

“We have moved to Lincolnshire, the heart of fresh produce in England. We now have eight members of staff all in a nice big open plan office, we also have plenty of space for when our Dutch colleagues come to visit,” said Paul Tomlinson MD of the company.

Davis Worldwide works differently from other importers. “Our focus is not packing for retail in the UK, but to supply those packers. We work exclusively for a few shippers and also do some exporting of UK fresh produce. We also supply processors and manufacturers. , there are a lot of small independents who produce smoothies, soups or chutneys some of which who are looking for exotic or unusual fruits.”

Some years ago the company’s founder Peter Davis was looking to get a better deal for the growers and started to export vegetables to Scandinavia and they are still doing that, Peter still works out of the Louth office. This is a part of the business which they would like to add to. Davis Worldwide also exports English fruit and are looking at alternative sources to lengthen the supply seasons.

“Each season has its challenges, due to the ever changing climate and economical factors, but as always I think it is our job to educate everyone about the problems and struggles facing growers. Consumers have expectations when they go into the supermarkets and don’t realize just how much goes into putting fresh produce on the shelves.

“We offer a procurement service and a sales service, so if growers can’t find the right market for their produce, we can, because we have people worldwide who we can deal with, we can import and export produce around the world. The UK is thought of as an import market, but we can also export high quality produce to most countries in the world .

“It is really exciting to be able to do this, as we are not tied to any one customer, and it is a privilege to work for the growers, without them we just have empty boxes."

Paul is not concerned at all about Brexit, “If the pound devalues there will be more opportunities to export. The rules and regulations around importing will change which will create new opportunities with new emerging countries so our growers will find new markets outside Europe . We have our Dutch hub so we can continue to trade and fullfill our programs with buyers around the world. What ever happens we will just have to deal with it.”

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