TFR’s own modern greenhouse production area in Dalat has been increased to in total 4.5 hectares. One greenhouse is now completely dedicated to produce a complete assortment of hydroponic lettuce and herbs. The newest greenhouse is dedicated to a full assortment of cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes. For tomatoes for example, they grow cherry tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, the European style flat round tomato and a beefsteak tomato. This assortment allows clients to have a complete tomato category, 365 days per year on their shelves or in their restaurants.

Managed by Dutch farm manager Mr Nick Persoon, these vegetables are produced for a large part with biological control products. Mr Persoon and his team are dedicated to integrated pest management, in which they minimize the use of crop protection products. "Especially in the humid rainy season this requires a lot of attention and hard work. But the reward is healthy and strong plants, producing high quality and tasty vegetables."

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