Autumn temperatures are usually too cold for tomatoes in Austria. In Bad Blumau, Spar Premium Blumauer Cherry Tomatoes are now maturing, in a geothermally heated greenhouse that is also climate-friendly.

In the Styrian municipality of Bad Blumau, even in autumnal temperatures, tomatoes are ripening that are in no way inferior to the summer harvest with regard to aroma or sweetness. This is made possible by hot thermal waters, that gently heat the greenhouses of the Frutura Thermal Vegetable World. That way, the Spar Premium Blumauer Cherry Tomatoes and Blumauer Midi Risp tomatoes can grow to their optimum maturity without the use of fossil fuels, to be freshly harvested. The two freshly harvested tomato varieties are now available throughout Austria only at Spar, Eurospar and Interspar.

Green local cultivation thanks to regenerative energy
Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables for Austrians. According to Statistics Austria, Austrians will consume 29.2 kg of tomatoes per year. There is a particular demand for small, sweet varieties that do not grow in Austria at all, or only for a few weeks a year, due to the climatic conditions. These varieties are therefore grown either in climatically more favorable areas such as southern Italy or Spain, or in Austrian greenhouses. Transporting the produce from outside cultivation areas or heating the Austrian greenhouses generates high greenhouse gas emissions.

In contrast to this, the red vegetable from Bad Blumau is a true climate protector. According to investigations by the Federal Environment Agency, the regional harvest of Frutura Thermal Vegetable World causes about 28,000 fewer tons of CO2 emissions per year than natural gas-heated greenhouses. And due to fewer imports, the Frutura Thermal Vegetable World saves 1 million kilometers on the road per year. The SPAR Group is the exclusive marketing partner in Austria.

Austrian cultivation lowers imports
More than 70 percent of tomatoes and more than 60 percent of peppers are imported every year in Austria, as the production volume in Austria is far too low. The total harvest volume of the Frutura Thermal Vegetable World of around 6,000 tons of vegetables annually reduces imports from other countries, without coming at the expense of local vegetable growers.

Source: APA-OTS

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