After attending Fruit Attraction with the aim of strengthening its position in the Mediterranean and finding new partners, Isolcell will attend Interpoma (Bolzano, 15th-17th November 2018 - Section CD, Stand D24/04). It is the perfect occasion to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary after the celebrations at Fruit Logistica last year. 

"At Interpoma, we intend to focus the attention on our Aeroclean ionizer but also stress the importance of reducing ethylene, which plays an essential role in produce decay," stated sales manager Hubert Wieser. 

"Aeroclean is already being used in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary. It was launched over a year and a half ago and we have recorded a significant extension of the shelf-life of products. It is also ideal in logistic cells where multiple products are stored, as happens in wholesale markets, for example."

Between 12th and 14th November 2018 Isolcell will take part as a sponsor in the Blueberry Europe 2018 convention in Trento. "We will present our solutions for the reduction of mold and our controlled atmosphere formulas to store blueberries and extend the shelf-life of fresh produce. 

On 16th November, at Interpoma, the company will attend the bilateral convention (Germany - Italy) on wholesale markets and food and agricultural centers (read more).

"We sponsor the convention to display new technology that significantly reduces food waste during the last mile. By making environments healthier and reducing ethylene, we want to prove that food waste could be considerably reduced." 

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