By the end of 2018, 12 agroparks will be created in Azerbaijan, the Deputy Economy Minister of Azerbaijan Shirzad Abdullayev said during the discussion of the state and consolidated budgets for 2018 at a joint meeting of parliamentary committees Nov. 5.

The deputy minister said that six agroparks have already been created and work is underway to create agroparks and large farms in 30 districts of the country. Their total area is 192,000 square meters, and the volume of investments amounts to 1.4 billion manats [822,000 USD].

Abdullayev stressed that the Azerbaijani government provides comprehensive support for the creation of agroparks and agricultural development. Thus, 219 million manats [129,000 USD] were allocated for the creation of infrastructure of agroparks and other 111 million manats [65,200 USD] accounted for concessional loans for residents of these agroparks.

Source: Caspian Agro (Taleh Mursagulov)