Up-to-date figures from Statistics Netherlands show that the greenhouse acreage in the Netherlands has dropped once again. Compared to 2017, in 2018 there was a reduction of 80 hectares of greenhouse, while the number of companies declined by a total of 290 to 3,190.

The acreage of greenhouse vegetables decreased from 4,990 hectares to 4,970 hectares. The largest decrease in the number of hectares is noticeable with red peppers (a decrease of 40 hectares to 700 hectares) and vine tomatoes (a decrease of 40 hectares to 930 hectares). The largest increase can be noted in the categories of other peppers (30 hectares more to 180 hectares in 2018) and cherry tomatoes (50 hectares more to a total of 490 hectares in 2018).

In the ornamental plant sector an increase of 40 hectares for chrysanthemum cultivation stands out (370 hectares in 2018) and a decrease of 30 hectares for lilies (110 hectares in 2018).

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Acreage development

Development number of companies

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