Thanks to endless research and fieldwork, Gautier Sementi can now present its new courgette variety, the Twitter F1. It is suitable for summer and fall transplants both in greenhouses and tunnels. The Piritore Angelo company is one of the businesses farming this courgette.

Gautier's Twitter F1

The development manager Fabio Firrincieli, “Twitter F1 is a variety for summer-fall transplants, either in greenhouses or tunnels. The productions are both in fall and winter, therefore the courgette is transplanted from the 30th of August to the 10th of October. Angelo Piritore tested it during the last season. Now, he decided to farm Twitter F1 in all the company’s fields devoted to courgettes. He started transplanting during the first days of September until the end of the month”:

Melchiorre e Angelo Piritore from Licata (Agrigento)

Twitter F1 is a very elegant variety, with a very dark and shiny green colour. It is very resistant to humidity which can cause by aborted or pointy fruits.

Plants of Twitter F1

The oidium IR is extremely useful for the producer’s finances because of the fewer treatments necessary to prevent plant diseases and also because of the bigger yield. The plant has a great adaptability and it is suited for many different kinds of soil structures.

Fabio Firrincieli and Angelo Piritore

Firrincelli, “It is extremely easy to take care of this plant, thus saving labour while keeping constant the production throughout the productive cycle”.

Maurizio Montalti is the Country Manager, Italy, “Gautier is an integrated seed company, founded in 1952 in France. It guarantees high-quality standards and it is particularly active in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. For 10 years, the company has been developing and marketing in Italy directly from the Gautier Italia offices in Cesena”.

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