Many strawberry growers are currently busy with the start of the winter cultivation of strawberries in the greenhouse. This includes Jong Fruit. On October 19 the company took a new grow lighting system into operation. Luminaid supplied the, while at Hoeijgers-Verdaesdonck from Zundert the new lighting was already working for a few weeks on the new cultivation.

Jong Fruit expects to greatly improve the yield of the cultivation, both in volume and in quality. The fact that the system worked well at Hereijgers-Verdaesdonck in Zundert, where was already used in 2017, was an important reason for Rob van de Wouw from Jong Fruit to also choose for "The cultivation at Hereijgers from 2017 turned out to be an excellent one. In particular the possibility to monitor climate and lighting separately is an advantage, as well as the cost of energy that is only 25% compared with SON-T."

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