The Sosnogorsk greenhouse will be launched not earlier than in a year. The complex should have started production October 15 of the current year.

For the project to be completed a similar greenhouse complex in Evma that requires three times more investment has been frozen.

In the view of the planned launch, the local employment center has started training future vegetable growers, the first group amounted to 30 potential greenhouse employees.

By the end of 2018, the forecast crop yield in the new greenhouse complex should have amounted to 92 tons of tomatoes and 606 tons of cucumbers.

The annual production volume after full capacity has been achieved by December 2020 was supposed to reach about 4 thousand tons of tomatoes and 6 thousand tons of cucumbers. The produce was going to be sold to the wholesale companies and trade chains of the Komi republic. Furthermore, their own retail chain was going to open.

According to the unofficial speculations, Renova company, owner of the project, are facing issues with the current economic sanctions against Russia and prefer to retain the existing assets rather than develop new ones.