During the agricultural conference, held at the end of October by Stichting d'Ons, the awards have been given to the three most sustainable SME agricultural companies of Suriname. Stichting d'Ons advocates sustainable agricultural development in Suriname. The winner of 2018 is Saching Autar, Payals Groenten. He grows mostly bitawiri on an area of 1 ha, but also soup vegetables, pumpkins, and peppers."

Watch the film below about the award winner who grows both in open field and on water. You can also watch the films about the number two (Children's home Maria Hoeve, where greenhouses are used for growing) and three (grower of tomatoes and cucumbers) award winners.

Sustainable agriculture is being stimulated in Suriname to contribute to the improvement of food safety and public health. Stichting d'Ons and its partners coupled an amount of money. 

Source: Stichting d'ONS