The EU Fresh Info Forum is challenging start-up companies to present their disruptive solutions. The Tsunami of Technology will be the central theme of the Business Forum, to be held on Thursday, 29 November in the Netherlands. 

Not only will the 'threat' companies feel they face with this 'tsunami' be discussed. The organizers want to show that there are also opportunities to be had. That is why there will be Fresh Opportunity Pitches during the EU Fresh Info Forum. Here, innovative new businesses will be given the chance to show their best disruptive solutions for the horticultural sector.

What does the EU Fresh Forum have to offer? 

  • The best solutions will be selected. They get to give a five-minute pitch on the so-called 'pallet box'. These presentations will be given during one of the sessions at the Business Forum.
  • In the Fresh Opportunity theater, a movie with all the pitches and solutions will play non-stop.
  • There will be exhibition tables with space for a roll-up banner.
  • Participants will be given a one-sentence reference in the Delegate Handbook.

What does the EU Fresh Forum need? 

  • One slide with photos and the company logo. This slide must clearly reflect the solution the company is offering. These slides will be used during the Intermezzo at the Executive Forum on 28 November.
  • A three-minute clip, animation or rolling Powerpoint. This must have English subtitles.
  • Participants must be willing to give a pitch. It is important to the organizers to connect traders, growers, and growers associations with new solutions.


For more information:
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