White zucchini, snack peppers, yellow plum tomatoes as well as the "Ne abbiamo di tutti i colori" range were all displayed at Fruit Attraction by Southern Seed.

"Our white zucchini have a shiny color and are very resistant to manipulation. There is a lot of interest from Spain," explained Vincenzo Cassibba and Jonny Proietto.

Jonny Proietto and Vincenzo Cassibba

The "Ne abbiamo di tutti i colori" range includes zebra, chocolate-brown, yellow and orange tomatoes. Snack peppers were also on display: "they are delicious, sweet, with a Brix level between 9 and 10 and are particularly nice in salads. Considering the fact that they're very easily digestible, they will also be used in school canteens." 

Yellow plum tomatoes have "a good sugar level of between 9 and 10 Brix, with a creamy texture. They are appreciated in Italy and abroad as well. They often required by organic companies and the processing industry and are the perfect combination of sweetness and innovation."

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